HealthCare IT - March 21, 2010

David P. Smith Joins Astila - March 18, 2010


Healthcare IT - March 21, 2010

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that approximately $20 billion in federal stimulus money will be allocated for health-information technology in the coming years, according to the Wall Street Journal (March 24, 2009).

This means that incentives are finally being directed toward medical offices to align their IT and improve efficiency.

One remaining challenge is that standards are have not been officially set and, once they are, smaller medical practices will have a hard time evaluating whether a particular vendor meets the criteria for reimbursement. This uncertainty has ramifications beyond the software itself, as servers and support costs will be affected as well.

One solution to this challenge is to subscribe to applications through a Software as a Service provider, such as Astila Corporation. By subscribing to software instead of purchasing, medical offices (especially small and medium sized ones) can effectively hedge their bets by changing their subscription to a provider that does meet the criteria.

Astila has relationships with all of the leading electronic health record (HER) providers and offers medical clients assurance that their provider is an approved provider.

David P. Smith Joins Astila - March 18, 2010

David brings over 25 years of Sales Leadership, Indirect Channel and Executive management experience, in a variety of markets including Healthcare, Legal, Forture 1000 enterprise software, Information Technology, and Telecommunications.

Most recently he served as Director of Sales and Marketing for Nivis (a leader in mesh network wireless solutions). Prior to joining Nivis, David served as Director of Sales for DiVitas Networks and before that as General Manager with Vocera Communications, where he led the company in sales.

He is a results-oriented, strategic sales and marketing leader who prides himself on building high-performing teams devoted to long term client and partner relationships.